Is your lengthy interview process chasing away top talent?


The demand for top talent is at an all-time high. The market is saturated with offers, and the war for talent rages on. It is crucial that processes are streamlined and that we create a positive candidate experience from the get go, because even the candidates you don’t hire, will probably recommend you to others.

One of the top reasons the best hires walk - a long interview process!

Three personality tests, six phone interviews, an essay, and your first born please.

Most candidates know that they will likely go through two or three interviews before receiving an offer. Nevertheless, tread carefully, especially when hiring for experience. These candidates have been around the block, so asking them to jump through hoops can be a powerful deterrent.

Mutual respect wins the game.

The human value that AI cannot replace.


The world of work is changing faster than we could have ever imagined. With new technologies constantly changing the game, we need to embrace the skills of the future, or we risk becoming obsolete.

As artificial intelligence (AI) automates many of the tasks we currently perform, we will have to develop new skills in order to add value in the ways that AI can’t. This is where emotional intelligence (EQ) comes into play. The future of work is very much people orientated, and this important skill will ensure our relevance in the digital workplace. While we can’t change our IQ, fortunately EQ is a learned skill.

According to the WEF Future of Jobs Report, these are the top 10 in demand skills predicted for 2020. When we look at the comparison to 2015, it’s clear as day that the more ‘human’ skills are coming to the fore. 

WEF Future of Jobs Report











Restructuring your business? Do more for your affected staff.


As a business leader, having to choose between restructuring your business and losing/selling the business is one of the hardest decisions to make. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for all involved – those that deliver the news as well as those facing the possibility of unemployment. That’s where the Outplacement service comes in; a way to do more for your affected staff.

Our Outplacement service is an extended function provided by the employer to affected employees – it is aimed at improving morale and confidence as well as equipping employees with the necessary tools to ‘tackle” the job market with confidence. Each individual is offered career coaching, resume and CV writing, interview training, skills development and even potential referrals.

DAV has offered Outplacement services to clients for over 6 years, and with more than 40 years’ experience in recruitment and consulting, we are equipped with the right skills. Our approach focuses on each individual securing the best outcome through comprehensive practical training.

Reasons you shouldn’t make that counteroffer.


With digital transformation taking over, near constant disruption hitting all industries and the Future of Work becoming the new normal, competition for in demand talent has become pretty fierce. When a star employee leaves, it can be costly to replace them. So it can be tempting to make a counteroffer that they simply can’t refuse. Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Firstly, an employee will never make the decision to leave a steady job lightly, and have more than likely been thinking about making this change for a while. There could be underlying reasons that don’t involve compensation, such as issues with the corporate culture or a manager. In this case, a counteroffer is a simply a band aid.

Second, you are taking a risk on an employee who has threatened to leave once. There is nothing stopping them from doing it again. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you have to wonder if your star employee is going to jump ship at any moment.

A positive workplace culture is the key to retaining great talent.


The research states time and again, that happy employees are productive employees. The average person spends 90 000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime. That’s a third of your life! Today’s business plane is more challenging and stressful than ever before, and so a positive workplace culture can make ALL the difference to your bottom line. However, it’s easier said than done. So what can we do as leaders to carry the positive vibes through the ranks? These are my thoughts…

Connect your teams to your WHY – a purpose beyond profit. Go back to the beginning and remember why the business was started. There is often a very strong connection between how your employees feel about your company and how your clients do.

If you look for the good in every situation, you can change the narrative; the bright side is not overrated! Make a habit of this and your teams will surely follow suit.

The Top 10 soft skills DAV clients love.


Emotional intelligence has been a prevailing trend for the past few years, but it has never been more important or sought after in the workplace than it is today. Technology continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and with near constant disruptive innovations taking on all industries, business leaders are recognising the role that soft skills have to play in embracing all the coming changes and future proofing themselves.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 soft skills that our clients ask for on a daily basis, and the results are an interesting look into where the South African market is at the moment. 

DAV’s Top 10 in demand soft skills:

Who needs a New Year’s resolution when you have…?

The New Year is upon us and with our bodies and minds refreshed and ready, it’s the perfect time to get our ships in order for the year to come. We all know that people are what make a business great. If we have the right people in the right place, who believe in our goals and objectives, we are unstoppable. The sky is truly the limit!

In the spirit of adjusting our sails; here are some helpful tips to start the year off in smooth waters.

The first thing to think about is keeping your current employees engaged. They are fresh and ready to take on the world, and so this is the perfect time to tackle any organisational change initiatives you’ve been mulling over.

The second thing is to position yourself as a top employer (if you haven’t already). Company culture is more important than ever before in the quest for securing and retaining the best talent.

The early bird catches the worm.

As the silly season fast approaches, one thing comes to mind. Preparing for the New Year now rather than later. I say this because it’s something we don’t often think about, so get proactive and consider on-boarding scarce skills whilst they’re available!


January arrives with a plethora of opportunities for the hard to find skills, and with a buffet of opportunities for candidates to choose from, it’s harder for companies to secure these individuals. Stay ahead of the trends and your competition this year by making employment offers now.

Why act now?

  • A new hire usually brings with them that infectious, ‘new job’ enthusiasm! This translates to a much needed breath of fresh air for the team during the December slump and results in increased productivity.

  • January is the crazy recruitment season and often the demand outweighs the supply of talent. Avoid competing with multiple other offers.

4 Spooktacular things you didn’t know about DAV.

How time flies! It feels as if it were yesterday that we were hanging up cobwebs and pulling the witches hats from our attics; here we are again and what a crazy year it’s been for all of us.

Last month I asked the team what they think people don’t know about us. So in the spirit of Halloween we’re flicking the switch and giving you an inside look into the everyday life of DAV.

Without further ado, here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about us:

1. Trick or Treat

As the saying goes, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. What stands out is that every interaction with a DAV Consultant WILL be a positive one. There is nothing worse than biting into a toffee apple and getting an onion. We strive to achieve success in every phone call, every meeting and every interview; to give the best of ourselves to our candidates and clients. Any interaction with DAV is a sure treat and no trick.

2. 34 days = Zombie takeover

Three ways to spring clean your business.

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Flowers pop up everywhere and the earth seems to have a blanket of glowing prosperity coating the surface. As the earth renews itself, it’s a great time to look at breathing fresh life into our businesses as well. Now that’s some serious synergy!

Now you might be wondering what in the world spring cleaning a team or business even means. Let me tell you, there is method to this madness! Here are three ways to spring clean your business and prepare to take operations to the next level in the New Year.

Review any business areas that may have been neglected throughout the year. This could be due to a lack of resources or placing emphasis on resources that don’t add enough value. It’s time to really dig deep and let go of the things that have little purpose anymore, or see if there’s any way that they can be incorporated better.