Surviving in this Wild Economy

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Continuous competition, vulnerability, drought, constant change… Like the African bushveld, our marketplace is constantly transforming and because of these ever-present factors, we need to adopt unique approaches that equip us to deal with what’s coming.

We at DAV attended an eye-opening talk this month by international speaker Lorne Sulcas, The Big Cat Guy, who related adaptability, synergy and efficiency to our business environment. Lorne likens the challenges animals experience in the wild to those we experience in today’s marketplace, and then shares in his unique presentations the powerful success lessons we can learn specifically from Africa’s Big Cats. Challenges in any environment are unavoidable but it’s how we tackle these challenges that will determine our success. Like the leopard, the lion and the cheetah, each have a different strategy…

Each functions differently when it comes to hunting, protecting themselves and surviving. It’s important to not do what everyone else is doing but do what suits your business, your industry and your end goal to prevail over competition. Lorne’s presentation of animals being in a ‘feast or famine’ type of environment emphasises the need for us to be agile enough to adapt to a constantly changing business landscape. This ability is what will make us game changers……industry leaders!

Understanding our market – pulling together the correct resources and implementing the right structures can increase our agility and therefore better prepare us heading into any business terrain. Versatility is what businesses need in this modern economy. Synergy within the workplace is undeniably one of the most powerful resources an organisation can hold.

Lorne looks at the synergy within a pride of lions – their collaboration and teamwork get results that no individual can do on their own. A synergistic team has more power to defend a larger, more prominent territory which provides access to more resources and thus, increased dominance in the market. Synergy is created by one team member offering something that the other team member might not have and together they can accomplish greatness. It’s about encouraging each other to be fully immersed in team collaboration so that we can create a shared level of understanding and therefore, 100% commitment. Synergy can help us overcome any obstacle; just like it helps a pride of lions defeat a hugely aggressive and tough male buffalo.

Time is money! Efficiency makes things happen. The cheetah does not waste time focusing on trying to build on his other strengths, he uses his speed, the one inimitable attribute that will get him his desired result. Eliminate your competition by focusing on your niche area, your area of strength. This way you will be 100% focused on what you know you can execute perfectly. We need to make our time really count to ensure that we meet the demands of the industry by maximising our time but also the resources accessible to us. “The oldest, most enduring marketplace: Nature’s African bushveld,” says Lorne Sulcas. What a concept: to be able to apply million-year old survival traits from the wild into our workplace?

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