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It was Henry Ford who said:

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Together, together, together. What a powerful concept and one that has become very real for our company in the past few months.

You’ve heard the rumblings, you’ve seen some shifts and there’s no denying  the excitement…DAV and Premier Personnel are now officially together and going forward, will operate as DAV. What a powerful combination! Two formidable companies both with a  heritage of excellence and a vision of advancement. With obvious synergies between the two, the decision to join forces makes perfect sense.

A united team creates the ability to leverage off the combined knowledge, experience, skills and resources that each can bring. This, in turn, leads to a more advanced understanding of the market and an unprecedented service offering to clients. The future is exciting!

A new generation brings new techniques

This exciting juncture in our story is the perfect time to introduce our game changer – our Candidate Resource Centre. The Centre makes use of the most advanced sourcing technology available today to source candidates with elite and scarce skills. The specialised Research Team combine technology with best practice Boolean and X-Ray search techniques to help you uncover the top 20% of market professionals in some of the most niched areas. As we’re so well resourced, our turnaround time to present a shortlist of suitable candidates is unmatched in the market.

We consider the Candidate Resource Centre to be a truly innovative solution and a very tangible way to distinguish our offering from that of our competitors. The timing is ideal. In a challenging economy, sourcing the right person for the right role has never been more important, making it the most opportune time for us to take these innovative steps.

What’s in it for our clients?

Here’s what we want clients to see: Two formidable players in the sourcing and recruitment industry have joined forces and are fully committed to a united future. A future that has become possible by bringing together our resources, skills, experience and vision.

The bottom line is that we are a great fit. The vision is shared, the timing is impeccable, the team is hungry and the technology is better than ever before.

Welcome to the new generation DAV. Together, together, together we will take the industry by storm!

This is not just a promise, it’s a reality and it starts right here with this email. We’re including a list of top candidates for you to review. This list is a taste of the available skills we can find in the market and it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities. Why not test us today? If you have a specific “hard to fill” vacancy in your company then let us take it to our Candidate Resource Centre as a challenge. In fact, I’ll brief them on it personally. Contact me directly with the candidate brief and we will get right to it!

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