Leaders under the Microscope

Image removed.MANCO MANIA…you have to try it! The month of October at DAV sure was a manic one – a lot happened, we loved it and that’s why I’d like to share this with you!

 So many of us spend this time of the year focusing on ways of increasing business productivity, performance appraisals, incentivising employees and the like. DAVs Management Team, including myself, was completely sidetracked this month and became fully immersed in MANCO Mania! Ok, so what is MANCO Mania?

Let me start off by saying that the concept of MANCO Mania was a complete fluke - it just happened and my goodness did our staff take advantage of it – in a good way of course! The concept involved putting challenges out to our sales team to achieve a performance activity within a defined timeline. It created competition and urgency and the consultants scrambled to win. The prize? An hour of a MANCO member’s time to use at the winner’s convenience.

Our Management Team, consisting of eight MANCO members, served our staff…literally! We did their admin, made some calls on their behalf, we booked their appointment, we massaged their shoulders, and we even did their grocery shopping for them - you name it, we did it! I was surprised at their sheer delight of being served, but even more surprised at how deeply being served motivated them, even though it was just for that one hour!

MANCO Mania highlighted for me the importance of serving our people. Whilst the challenge resulted in increased team productivity (lucky for us), the emotional impact was far more satisfying for me!

Lessons learned: 1) we need to stay close to our people so that our expectations always remain realistic and 2) we need to understand the impact we have as leaders when we truly serve our people.

The quote from John Maxwell, ‘People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision’ definitely resonates with what I experienced in our MANCO Mania month. It’s about what we as ‘people’ and not necessarily as ‘leaders’ can do to inspire others.

I would love to hear about the initiatives you run in your business . Let’s share these with each other and inspire and motivate our teams by doing what some might call "unusual" :).

If our MANCO Mania concept creates some curiosity for you, do get in touch with me as I’d love to tell you more about it!

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