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“I want to feel like I am just another number,” said no job seeker ever. Top Talent have their options laid out for them on a silver platter for the most part, so finding innovative and personalised ways to recruit them is increasingly important. In fact, the entire recruitment landscape is evolving and with global talent shortages affecting businesses all over the world, we have to do things differently to really stand out from the competition and attract the best of the best. 

Have you ever looked up a candidate’s background before extending a job offer? The modern candidate is doing the same when considering an offer from you. Did you know that 75% of candidates research you before even applying and 69% of candidates would not accept an offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if they wouldn’t have a job to fall back on?

This more than highlights the importance of having a strong employer brand and nurturing this attraction strategy. This includes a strong online presence, an all-star candidate experience and putting more energy into employee engagement for those already in your workforce. It is an opportunity to show the world the personality behind the brand, the real people behind the scenes that will inspire potential hires and create a connection to your company. Remember, the number one rule is to be authentic – selling an experience you aren’t delivering on once you’ve landed these candidates will backfire and hurt your staff retention efforts.

The best candidates are most likely interviewing with multiple companies when looking for a new role, so competition is fierce to get their attention. Communicating with candidates throughout the recruitment process is crucial and this includes communicating the hiring process timelines as early as possible (and sticking to them). In the new age, candidates are taking stock of us too, noting the way the company manages their application throughout the process and how the company makes decisions. It’s important to remember to put your best foot forward as well.  

The overall takeaway here is putting processes in place that let candidates and employees know that they are more than just a number to your organisation, that you value their time and contribution. This won’t only bring in top talent for your business but will benefit your overall talent attraction strategy and the health and productivity of your organisation as a whole.

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