Introducing #TrustDAV

Image removed.We live in a world where almost anything can be obtained at the touch of a button. From Uber to Netflix, we are becoming conditioned to expect immediate responses. The same is true for our business.

Our candidates, clients and colleagues expect us to be more responsive to their needs. If we fail to live up to their expectations, we can expect immediate fallout. People are very quick to express their disapproval and as a people business, we need to be mindful of the actions that lead to their disapproval, whilst remaining open to their needs and responsive to their feedback.

As such we have implemented an initiative we call #TrustDAV

This allows us to catch ourselves when we do things right, and to respond quickly when we have done wrong. Three weeks into this initiative and it’s been awesome to see the change in our environment. Some of the positive upswing we have seen includes:

  • Colleagues sharing knowledge and gaining more respect for one another;
  • Higher recognition of achievements and compliments;
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration and teamwork and
  • A generally boosted drive to deliver.

With #TrustDAV, we have put ourselves ‘out there’ – to open ourselves to the real impression our company has in the market, and to invite candidates and employers alike to trust us. Trust us with their careers, trust us with the responsibility to build their businesses and trust us to deliver. Look out for the #TrustDAV hashtag on social media and get in touch with us to see how our consultants can build trust with you!  I  +27 11 217 0000  I  +27 83 459 3656  I