The human value that AI cannot replace.


The world of work is changing faster than we could have ever imagined. With new technologies constantly changing the game, we need to embrace the skills of the future, or we risk becoming obsolete.

As artificial intelligence (AI) automates many of the tasks we currently perform, we will have to develop new skills in order to add value in the ways that AI can’t. This is where emotional intelligence (EQ) comes into play. The future of work is very much people orientated, and this important skill will ensure our relevance in the digital workplace. While we can’t change our IQ, fortunately EQ is a learned skill.

According to the WEF Future of Jobs Report, these are the top 10 in demand skills predicted for 2020. When we look at the comparison to 2015, it’s clear as day that the more ‘human’ skills are coming to the fore. 

WEF Future of Jobs Report





















We live in a revolutionary time. Computers can drive cars and machines are learning. Whatever your stance is on this new normal, change is coming. Success will come to those who embrace it.  I  +27 11 217 0000  I  +27 83 459 3656  I

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