Engage your employees in 2019 with these top tips


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As we all return from the holidays refreshed and ready to take on the year ahead, this hot topic should be on our agenda for 2019.

First off, we need to make the distinction between employee engagement and job satisfaction – they are not the same thing. Some employees might feel satisfied by just keeping their head down and collecting that paycheck.

Engaged employees are more productive, creative, better communicators and brand advocates. Incorporating a culture of employee engagement can, not only help employees connect with one another, but it can also help create an environment in which innovation and ideas thrive.

Your employee engagement levels have an impact on your bottom line and your employer branding. If done right, you’ll find your turnover will improve. Now, it’s not something that can be forced; it needs to be ingrained in each individual within the business, from the ground up.


Here are some tips for improving yours (your employer brand will thank you):


  1. Don’t sidestep onboarding.

If your staff aren’t equipped and confident in their responsibilities at your company, they will be left confused and frustrated. Good onboarding helps your new hires get the most out of their new role early, leaving them eager to reach their goals and engage. This is also the perfect time for them to bond with their new team and develop a connection to the company. One SHRM survey reported that one-third of new hires left their jobs after only six months. This means you have less than six months to get employees engaged at your company. Don’t leave them disengaged from the get go – invest in a good onboarding programme.


  1. Focus on development

There are many reasons people take a job, but a top reason in the current market is career development opportunities. One Gallup poll found that 87% of millennials (and 69% of non-millennials) view development as important in their jobs. It is human nature to crave a challenge and the chance to grow and there are so many ways to offer this without breaking the bank. You could offer employees more responsibility from time to time, allowing room for growth in a position (without overloading them of course), or create a rotation programme so that employees can hack it in a different department and learn new things. Alternatively, you could offer education assistance or build your own talent development programme.


  1. Involve employees in the bigger picture

A great way to engage your employees is involving them in planning and decision-making, and being transparent about the goals of the company. This helps each team to figure out where they fit into the bigger picture and shows them that their work has a larger purpose and makes an impact.


  1. Bonus

When looking at your engagement strategy you can use an anonymous survey to get truly honest feedback from everyone on the ground about where you can improve and activities your employees would be interested in taking part in.

Work isn’t just a place people show up to anymore. Engaging your employees’ increases your productivity, improves staff retention, and bolsters organisational success across the board. What’s not to love?

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