Are you searching for unicorns in 2017?

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It’s 2017. The overindulgence of mince pies, singalong Christmas carols, non-stop feasting and those well-deserved afternoon naps seem like a distant memory for now… New Year’s resolutions made and quite possibly already broken… SO in February, let's really get 2017 off to a kickin' start shall we?!

As R.M Rilke puts it, ‘Let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.’ A new year means a new outlook, a new strategy… It’s the perfect opportunity to start off on the right foot and put our plans into action. This year will be different and we need to beat back the temptation of slipping into what’s easy or familiar… Or we’ll be left in the dust!

2017 has rolled in and the reality is, it’s still tough out there. I know I can speak for myself and a few of you when I say that we have to differentiate ourselves in a hungry and competitive market… We also need to be adaptable to constant challenges and have the strength to face them head on. Not only do we need a powerful strategy in place to do this, but we need a specialist and resilient workforce to initiate and drive this strategy forward. Outside the comfort of what we know, is where the magic happens.

On that note, we invite you to challenge our expert Candidate Resource Centre – one of our own differentiators. You know those hard to fill, highly demanding and exceptionally niche roles that sometimes make it feel as though the person you need might actually be a unicorn? Well, we’ve got you covered. It so happens that we’re in the business of finding unicorns, and we’re really good at it. So let us assist you in finding that talent… Talent that could potentially differentiate you in the market!

Dare to be different; challenge us… We were born ready to find your next differentiator.  I  +27 11 217 0000  I  +27 83 459 3656  I