The early bird catches the worm.

As the silly season fast approaches, one thing comes to mind. Preparing for the New Year now rather than later. I say this because it’s something we don’t often think about, so get proactive and consider on-boarding scarce skills whilst they’re available!

January arrives with a plethora of opportunities for the hard to find skills, and with a buffet of opportunities for candidates to choose from, it’s harder for companies to secure these individuals. Stay ahead of the trends and your competition this year by making employment offers now.

Why act now?

  • A new hire usually brings with them that infectious, ‘new job’ enthusiasm! This translates to a much needed breath of fresh air for the team during the December slump and results in increased productivity.

  • January is the crazy recruitment season and often the demand outweighs the supply of talent. Avoid competing with multiple other offers.

  • Acting now means you have the edge in the New Year. Your new hires will be familiar with the business and processes by the time you hit the first quarter rush.

4 Spooktacular things you didn’t know about DAV.

How time flies! It feels as if it were yesterday that we were hanging up cobwebs and pulling the witches hats from our attics; here we are again and what a crazy year it’s been for all of us.

Last month I asked the team what they think people don’t know about us. So in the spirit of Halloween we’re flicking the switch and giving you an inside look into the everyday life of DAV.

Without further ado, here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about us:

1. Trick or Treat

As the saying goes, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. What stands out is that every interaction with a DAV Consultant WILL be a positive one. There is nothing worse than biting into a toffee apple and getting an onion. We strive to achieve success in every phone call, every meeting and every interview; to give the best of ourselves to our candidates and clients. Any interaction with DAV is a sure treat and no trick.

2. 34 days = Zombie takeover

Three ways to spring clean your business.

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Flowers pop up everywhere and the earth seems to have a blanket of glowing prosperity coating the surface. As the earth renews itself, it’s a great time to look at breathing fresh life into our businesses as well. Now that’s some serious synergy!

Now you might be wondering what in the world spring cleaning a team or business even means. Let me tell you, there is method to this madness! Here are three ways to spring clean your business and prepare to take operations to the next level in the New Year.

Review any business areas that may have been neglected throughout the year. This could be due to a lack of resources or placing emphasis on resources that don’t add enough value. It’s time to really dig deep and let go of the things that have little purpose anymore, or see if there’s any way that they can be incorporated better.

Find your Why!

I recently attended a DAV leadership training session which included a great TED piece focussing on finding your WHY and this simple idea is so inspiring that I just knew I had to share it.

Think about this. Why is Apple so innovative? Year after year they are more innovative than any of their competition, when all they really are is another computer company; they are just like everyone else. They have access to the same resources as everyone else, so why is it that they seem to have something different?

Enter: The worlds’ simplest idea; Simon Sinek’s “The Golden Circle”:

Golden Circle   

   What: Every person, every single organisation on the planet knows what they do, 100%.

   How: Some know how they do it, whether you call it a value proposition, or proprietary process etc.

Repeat business, that’s the sign of a job well done!

The DAV Team thrive on making candidates and clients happy, and providing the service and support that you need to achieve your unique objectives. The goal is to keep exceeding expectations, to keep providing the amazing service that you have come to expect from us.

In November last year, a Client - the MD of an international label & packaging firm – requested some recruitment assistance from us. He had been in SA for a couple of years and was tasked with getting the business up and running profitably, quickly and efficiently. He needed a Head of Finance to implement infrastructure and systems to achieve strategic objectives, set up proper financial controls, provide detailed reporting and build relationships with global counterparts. Over and above this there was a long list of “must haves” in terms of skill requirements.

When Recruitment Consultants listen to their Client’s Immediate Challenges

It is an absolute prerequisite, that if you run a business, you must be able to wear countless hats, make endless important decisions and use your influence for the greater good of the entire world – or at least it feels that way!

For the most part it seems as though there is never enough time in a day to tackle every challenge that comes your way - like making hiring decisions. This monumental task almost always takes up more time than planned on a good day, and inspires many “Why me…” moments as you look to heavens and plead for a miracle. Who do you call in your time of need? We’ll give you a clue…It’s not ghostbusters…DAV, of course!

Leadership is not a Title, it’s an Influence

Thousands of people marching all over the country come together in the quest for a better future; a better South Africa! We have just witnessed South Africans rise up for change, taking to the streets in peaceful protest to stand against poor leadership in our country. Uniting at last!

So, an obvious thinking point, ‘How can we be more united in our businesses? How can we work better together?

Teamwork makes us faster, better, and forever ready for our next challenge! Yes, we have a team of highly talented, specialised Researchers and niched Consultants but talent alone has never succeeded anyone because undeniably, teamwork (and I mean synergic teamwork), takes business to new unimaginable heights!

Our biggest hardship: teamwork is a result of strong leadership! Fact.

Our current state of affairs sure does reflect what poor leadership can do so we must ask ourselves the big question, ‘what is great leadership?’ There are countless answers to this question but here are a few simple leadership elements that I try to implement daily:

Why Connecting in an Interview Matters

People hire people.
If we recruited merely for purpose, we would have offices full of automations and robots.
When we interview, we look at multiple factors: aptitude; attitude; potential and a host of other factors.

Likewise, candidates look at multiple factors when deciding if your company is ‘The One’.

So how can we ensure we get the best out of the relatively short time we spend with potential employees? How can we be certain we are seeing the real person behind the job title?

The best and easiest way is to connect with your candidates. When people are comfortable, they drop their guards and you get authentic insight into their motivations, skills and any potential risks in engaging with them.

How do we connect in a high-stress situation like an interview? We have found a few easy-to-implement strategies that we think will greatly improve the quality of your interviews:

Introducing #TrustDAV

Image removed.We live in a world where almost anything can be obtained at the touch of a button. From Uber to Netflix, we are becoming conditioned to expect immediate responses. The same is true for our business.

Our candidates, clients and colleagues expect us to be more responsive to their needs. If we fail to live up to their expectations, we can expect immediate fallout. People are very quick to express their disapproval and as a people business, we need to be mindful of the actions that lead to their disapproval, whilst remaining open to their needs and responsive to their feedback.

As such we have implemented an initiative we call #TrustDAV

Are you searching for unicorns in 2017?

Image removed.

It’s 2017. The overindulgence of mince pies, singalong Christmas carols, non-stop feasting and those well-deserved afternoon naps seem like a distant memory for now… New Year’s resolutions made and quite possibly already broken… SO in February, let's really get 2017 off to a kickin' start shall we?!

As R.M Rilke puts it, ‘Let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.’ A new year means a new outlook, a new strategy… It’s the perfect opportunity to start off on the right foot and put our plans into action. This year will be different and we need to beat back the temptation of slipping into what’s easy or familiar… Or we’ll be left in the dust!