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Our story

We are DAV and we have a story to share.

DAV started in 1975 when a one-woman placement business opened in the heart of downtown Johannesburg. With little more than passion and sheer determination, it may have seemed like the business wouldn’t amount to much at first. But there was something extraordinary that captured the hearts of our early clients and candidates and the business soon began to grow.

Today, more than 40 years later, our story is still being written by every candidate, client and staff member who helps to make our company great.

DAV now employs over 120 staff members nationally to help fulfil our promise of excellence to you. Top-quality candidates trust us with their placements during every step of their careers. Blue Chip clients depend on us time and time again to offer expert recruitment across many areas of specialisation. We help shape the future of the professional placements industry on the continent by being a fundamental part of the Adcorp Group, Africa’s largest human capital group.

We take none of this for granted.

Our growth has not happened unintentionally. We didn’t simply stumble on expansion or wander into success. Today we exist because our values are timeless, and our vision remains endless. That “something extraordinary” that existed, in the beginning, is the same reason we’re still expanding today. The truth is simply this: we know why we’re here; we love what we do, and we won’t rest until you have received only the best of who we are.

Yes, we have a story to share. Our beginnings will always keep us humble; our vision will always keep us focused, and our passion will keep us moving forward.

We are DAV and our story is far from over.

DAV leaders empower the business by investing their experience in the heart and soul of everyday operations. At the centre of their leadership influence lies the commitment to building strong, trustworthy relationships with our clients, candidates, and colleagues.

As a team, we remain focused on the goal to continue being South Africa’s top specialist recruitment company, changing the lives of our candidates and influencing our clients’ bottom line through passionate and empowered people.

It’s never the title that drives our leaders. Instead, their investment into the company is driven by their deep, personal passion for serving our people. When our people are served then they can offer the best possible service to our candidates and clients.

DAV leaders also thrive in witnessing the growth of our people. Our team is widely recognised for its excellent service, professionalism, and unmatched training. The quality of our people remains our crowning glory. If they succeed, then we succeed.

DAV has a vision that drives us. We want to continue our legacy of being the longest-standing specialist consultancy in South Africa. We continue to recruit in a manner that influences the lives of our candidates and the bottom line of our clients in a positive, sustainable way.

We will fulfil this vision by being the best at what we do. We will place the right person in the right job in a way that significantly benefits both the candidate and client.

We want our fluid and agile consulting to be the catalyst that will lead to positive change in people’s lives. As a recruitment company, we believe that our place in this world is to help others find their perfect place – a career that can influence the course of their future.

DAV doesn’t just fill a vacancy. We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide a specialised recruitment solution that is unmatched throughout South Africa.

This is the vision that we hold before us with every move we make as a company.

DAV understands that we have an assignment, a duty to the community of South Africa. In a time when the economy and business environment is facing incredibly complex challenges, our mission has become very simple:

We place people, lots of people.

A simple statement with a powerful purpose. We spend every ounce of our business energy working towards placements that will advance careers and businesses. We pride ourselves in using world-class technology to find and match the most talented candidates to a client’s job requirements, culture and business environment. With us, positions are filled accurately with long-term success in mind.

By keeping this assignment in our sights at all times, we will continue to provide unrivalled recruitment services to fulfil our mission.

DAV is committed to transformation in South Africa in both the letter and spirit of B-BBEE. We pride ourselves on sourcing and hiring talent and working with shareholders and suppliers in a way that is truly representative of the people of this country. Your company will score through our extensive EE candidate network and excellent B-BBEE rating.

DAV is rated a Level 3 through Empowerdex, under Adcorp Workforce Solutions, allowing our clients to recognise 100% of their spend with DAV as BEE procurement.

Download our B-BBEE Certificate

DAV is a proud member of the Adcorp Group. Adcorp is a global workplace solutions company which was founded in 1975 and listed on the JSE Limited in 1987.  The Group offers a range of diverse talent management solutions across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types and geographic regions.

Through its various trading brands, innovative solutions are co-designed with all stakeholders, forging long-lasting meaningful relationships. There is a constant focus on the latest technologies and utilising big data via business intelligence to predict the future demands of customers.

As a Group, Adcorp strives to enrich the lives of its workforce through various socio-economic development initiatives and training programmes. A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing and upskilling the sizeable candidate base and increasing empowerment credentials across the Group’s activities in South Africa.

Adcorp is considered an eminent authority with regard to workplace-related matters, a thought leader in its field and a meaningful strategic partner to its clients.

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