The Short List

Performance Analyst
R320 000 CTC

This EE candidate has a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning coupled with 2 years’ experience as a Performance Analyst. 

Investment Admin Specialist
R600 000 CTC

This EE candidate has a Btech in Internal Auditing and is currently completing her CFP. She has 8 years' technical/specialist admin experience gained in Multi Management and prior to that, she…

Equity Trader
R360 000 CTC

A highly intelligent, driven and professional Equity/Equity Derivatives and Forex Trader with a Master’s degree in Risk Management. One of his many achievements was developing financial models…

Transactional Banker
R650 000 CTC

This EE candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics and is currently studying towards her MBA. After only 12 months (as opposed to 18 months) in a grooming program to become a…