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How to Grasp your new job quickly. The first 90 days.


jobtips1Being in recruitment we have a unique insight into the “transition” period of an employees new journey. The “honeymoon” phase can quickly disappear with deadlines expected and turn around expected. Here are a few ways you can get over the “teething” period as quickly as possible and set up your career for success!

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability.
If you have had a change in career or are walking on a new path there is nothing wrong with speaking up and asking for advice. The “teething” period after first joining normally lasts between 30-90 days. Systems, processes; everything is new and unfamiliar. Set up weekly or daily “feedback” sessions with your team leader to discuss the challenges you have faced. The expectation of delivery and performance is immediate. With the economy these days your learning time is very little and you are expected to deliver within record time. What resources will increase your understanding of what you can’t do? What will it take to address this gap? Knowing what holds you back or what gets in your way is a good start; taking this knowledge and asking for help becomes a career strategy and great leadership practice.

Put in the extra Hours in the beginning, it will definitely pay off!
For the first 2 months or so don’t be afraid to leave a little later or arrive earlier then usual; put in those extra hours! You need this to learn how to balance your new desk and where the priorities may lie. If you are keen as a clock watcher immediately eyebrows may start to rise. Your first 90 days sets the foundation for your tenure. Do your best to get something meaningful accomplished as soon as you can. Be prepared for the overwhelming sense of anxiety that any new job has. Its natural and don’t be afraid to ask your team leader for advice on it! Strive to balance doing with learning so that you are doing the right tasks, the right way. By doing this, you will make your first 3 months are not only productive, but are about learning growth and achievement instead of about stress, anxiety and frustration.

Schedule a one-on-one with your Boss
This is a critical component of a successful on-boarding process. You need to understand exactly what the vision is for the company and clearly define your goals and what is expected of you. Your boss needs to know your concerns, plans and issues regularly. Hallway conversations are not enough. A regular one on one or touch base on your progress, where you control the agenda is required. Understand why things are done: All companies have their quirks or culture. It’s important to understand the why and not challenge things straight away.

Find a mentor
Of course, you don’t walk in and find a mentor right away, but try to identify a more senior level colleague or manager in the organization. Better yet ask if they have a mentoring system or if your manager recommends a performance manager. If you don’t find an appropriate mentor within your organization, seek a mentor outside of your company. A mentor acts as a sounding board, one who can help guide you in your career. They prove to be very useful when it comes to tough decisions in your career and act as a great third party.

Take time to socialize
Get to know your colleagues and teams, and don’t be afraid to open up yourself (although no-one likes an over-sharer in the beginning) You need to let it ease in. This is where the early arrivers or late leavers often benefit too, you have more time to connect. Your colleagues can be your strongest allies during your positioning with the organization and play a key role in your ability to accomplish your most important objectives. Attend group activities or social gatherings. Informal conversations also provide a way to learn more about the corporate culture and what it takes to advance in the company.

Getting off to a strong start in your first 90 days really sets the tone for how you are perceived in your organization. You can’t go back and re-create people’s perceptions of you, so first impressions are crucial, take the proper steps in developing a strategy before your first step in the door. Getting started is all about getting organized. Taking the time to carefully think through and plan out your first 3 months on the job will help you decrease the stress normally felt when starting a new position. It will also help you earn respect and credibility faster, and, ensure you become as efficient and effective as possible in the shortest amount of time. Finally hang in there! Everything is new and anxiety is natural so just take a deep breath and take it one day at a time.


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An executive recruiter, a current affairs fundi and a wanna-be chef. My biggest source of joy comes from helping others be it in their careers or in their personal lives. New adventures drive me and I’ve lived in the USA, UK, Caribbean and 3 different African countries! You always need a new challenge in life to drive you and there’s nothing more in life that drives me crazy then being stagnant and doing nothing. My energy and drive comes from positive people and there is nothing in life I believe you can’t achieve, as long as your heart is in it! Connect with me on LinkedIn

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