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greatrecruiterGreat recruiters want to know as much as possible about their candidates. They want to connect with them and become their trusted advisor.

When I am looking for my next great placement, I try my best to know as much as possible about the candidate I am representing. Why? So that I am able to determine their specific skill set, what motivates them, what salary will secure their next move, any non-negotiable deal breakers and their compatibility with the certain company cultures. My goal is to find each candidate their most desirable career move. To achieve this I need to understand them and their career wants and needs so that I am able to represent them accurately and most effectively to my client.

What you might forget is that your family/friends and colleagues know your strengths and weaknesses because they see you in action. Out in the job market, strangers like your recruiter, have no idea what you bring to the table, except what you tell them. In order for your recruiter to represent you properly they need to know this too.

Think about how tough it is to describe yourself and to know what you are feeling at any given time. It’s hard. It takes some thinking and reflection. Now imagine being a recruiter when a client wants to know more about you. For example:

Client: What are your candidate’s interests outside of work? Does he watch soccer or rugby? Does he play golf? Is he hands on and good with detail? Why does he want to leave his current job? Why has he chosen to study CFA? Why do you think he wants to work for us?

Or after an interview when the client phones us, the recruiter, to find out what you thought after your interview? Client: Do you think she wants the job? What are her salary expectations? She said this to me…. Do you know why?
Can you see that we need your help with this? We need to get to know you to help you – we need you to help us help you! Make sense?

First things first before deciding that you are ready to enter the job market – think about the following things – Get to know yourself! Because your recruiter is going to want to know you too.

Good vs Bad: think about what you are really good at, what you enjoy as well as what you don’t. Think about what your strengths and weaknesses are.
Ditch the Historical Baggage: Think about experiences that are important to where you want to go next. If you don’t want to talk about it or do it again, don’t call attention to it.
Quirks and All – We all have outside interests, obsessions, and flaws. Think about what yours are. Don’t be afraid to tell us that you are a rugby fanatic, or chess champion or caffeine junkie, or numbers man or often derailed by details. These quirks may just get your future line manager to want to interview you because he/she has similar interests.

The why questions – Think of at least 3 reasons why now would be the right time to make a change in your career

Want Want Want – What are the 3 most important things you want or are looking for in your next job?

Warning, beware: Think about what you want to stay away from in your next career move.

Fear of change: Before you start going on interviews make sure you have thought about how you will feel when you actually make that move. Are you scared of change?

It’s not all about you: Are there any family considerations you need to keep in mind when considering a new opportunity?

Deal breakers: Is there anything that could prevent you from making a career move at this point? For example: Study Loans, restraints of trade, hobbies etc

So if your recruiter is asking you these questions – you now know why. And if your recruiter wants to chat to you after an interview – you now know why. They want to get to know you better so that they can help you more effectively. It’s a good thing. Let’s work together. Help us help you.


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