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Wasted Emotion!


recruitmentI came across this article during my habitual morning coffee with Greg Savage and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Although it is addressed to us, your recruiters, I think it’s a great reminder for everyone. It not only gives you a window into your recruiter’s world of emotional ups and downs, but it is also very relevant to anyone in a highly pressured, target driven or performance driven environment! It is good advice for all of us. Enjoy it.

Recruiters, this is the one trait that is ruining your career! by Greg Savage:

Recruiters, you won’t like this. But this is the one trait that is ruining your career and negatively impacting your life.

Wasted emotion.

That is what is destroying your job satisfaction. That is what is leading an army of recruiters to burn out and fade into the sunset.

Wasted emotion

Don’t get me wrong. Being emotional about placing people in jobs is normal. In fact, it’s essential. I love the passion of a recruiter on a mission to fill a job, or place a candidate. I am cool with screams of joy, or moans of despair. I love a placement dance and used to pump out a mean John Travolta/Bee Gees type number myself when I pulled down a big placement, back in the day.


That is healthy emotion. It’s wasted emotion you have to curb and eliminate.
The days of moping because a placement fell through. The bitterness and angst over a temp who bombed out. The self-pity and ‘woe is me’ because a candidate got a counter-offer. The slumped shoulders and defeatist language that follows a bad month or quarter.

All that is ‘wasted’.

It’s dragging you down. It’s wearing out your battery. It’s eating away at your self-esteem.

And, just quietly, it’s dragging those around you down too!

Let me make this easy for you. You have chosen a tough career! In this job people will let you down. People will lie to you. People will back out of commitments. People will be rude and ungrateful. ‘Certainties’ will crumble.

There. Now you know.

I don’t expect you to be a recruiting robot. Have a quick cry. Kick the desk. Have a few beers.

But leave it there! Move on.

Don’t waste your emotion on stuff that’s dead and gone.

Save the emotion for the next placement dance!

To everyone else reading this who isn’t a recruiter, but who is perhaps a candidate looking for a new job or even a client looking for some good talent – this is great advice for you too. You won’t win them all – if you don’t make the shortlist or if the candidate you offered took a counteroffer – try your best not to waste your emotion on something that is not in your control. Move on. Save that emotion for the next interview or the next offer.

Good luck!


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I’m a living enthusiast, a knowledge admirer, a sports lover and a chocolate miser. Recruitment is my career, people are my motivation and writing is my passion. You can find me searching for financial markets talent, drinking coffee at Vida or enjoying the wonders of Cape Town. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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