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Are you investing in your natural talent?


Curriculum VitaeAs recruiters we see a LOT of cvs. How many is a lot? Well, 1-200 a day sounds about right. This means we become skilled at reading them and quickly deciding if the person is suitable, unsuitable or a possible match.

About 165 out of 200 applications will be obviously unsuitable – where people have never held a similar position, have no experience in essential aspects of the job, or numerous other job-specific reasons.

This leaves 35 cvs of people who can potentially do the job. And that is what this blog is about: Choosing a profession that speaks to your Natural Talent.

At least 4 or 5 times a day we come across a person who has struggled to make a success of their chosen career. What do I mean by this? It’s hard to define, but some of the key indicators of someone who is ‘struggling’ are:

  1. Short Tenure – These are the people who move every year, or sometimes every 10 months. A track record of moving after a short period of employment shows many things, but one can mean thet they are not in a position where they can exploit their natural talent.
  2. Consistently being “Overlooked” for promotions and bonuses – this may sound harsh, but perhaps the reason you are being overlooked is that you are just not naturally talented in the position you have chosen?
  3. A lack of Passion and Drive – Maybe you’ve been with the same company for 15 years- maybe you’ve been in the same position for 6 years- unless you’ve achieved exceptional success of growth within this role you are probably lacking passion and drive, or you are not in a position that speaks to your Natural Talent!

I think the point I am trying to get across is that in most cases, lack of performance is not because you are bad at your job , but can be attributed to not being in touch with where your natural talent lies and how you can exploit your natural talent in the workplace to help you succeed.

I have seen countless cvs of salespeople who just do not have the natural talent to sell. I myself lack the natural talent to be an actuary, accountant, developer or engineer. Many people lack the natural talent to be an exceptional doctor or teacher, and so on. The trick (or challenge) is to find a company and a role that allows you to express and build on your natural talent to achieve success.

Finding your natural talent can be easy, or incredibly difficult- depending on your circumstances. I read a quote somewhere that said: “Imagine how many world champion surfers have been born in land-locked countries, imagine how many world-class snowboarders live in the Sahara”

And this is the challenge. If you have never been in a situation where you can use your natural talent, how do you know what it is? The short answer is: Explore – try as much as you can while you are young or alternatively go to a career coach (or DAV consultant) and see how they can expand your horizons.

Finding your Natural Talent is one of the first steps you can take towards being successful – because once you know what you are good at, you can focus on being the best.

Invest in yourself, stop banging your head against the wall in a profession you hate – use your natural talent!


About Peter Ferreira

I believe in the silver lining. I’m always ready for the next adventure and love to make people laugh. A musician, wordsmith, people person and recovering hedonist I live for new experiences and new people. I believe in knowing a little bit about everything, living in the moment and learning something each day. Water baby, bush nut, beach bum, foodie, punk-rocker by night and IT recruitment specialist by day. I hope you enjoy my scribbles. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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