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Gamification – The Next Leap in Education and Training


badges“Would you like to play a game?”

Of course you would – humans have a natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, amongst others, which make the idea of ‘gaming’ or competing for a reward an excellent basis for learning, training and problem solving programmes.

Gamification is the use of ‘game thinking’ or game mechanics in a non-game context. As an example, popular blogging platforms offer badges for posting more articles and getting more users to engage with you. Or in another example- Nike+, a mobile app, rewards you for working out.

Gamification is a method to make non-game actions more appealing to its users. It is gaining in popularity across the world and can be seen in practical applications in Training, Education, Marketing, Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity.

The appeal to users is that tasks that are normally seen as mundane or boring can become exciting and appeal to our desire to win. Who doesn’t want to be the best?

Some examples of effective use of gamification include:

  • Ribbon Hero 2 – A Microsoft add-on to Office that helps train users to be more effective in the use of their MS Office suite of products
  • The University of Washington has Foldit – a game where users can manipulate proteins into different shapes that are assessed by supercomputers for potential real-life uses
  • The ESP Game tests whether people have ‘psychic’ powers and is used by it’s owners to generate Metadata

The advantages of gamifying your training programmes include the fact that your employees will automatically be more engaged and training becomes less of a psychological ‘grudge purchase’

If you don’t know about gamification, we at DAV would suggest you take some time to get to know it now – Gartner states that by 2015, over 50% of companies that manage innovation processes will gamify these processes, and that by 2016 – Gamification will be a $2.6 Billion industry.

For more information on current and emerging trends, contact the industry experts at DAV – we will be happy to help you in any way we can!


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