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3 Lessons for Falling in Love With Your Job


Love your jobSeeing that February is the month of love and all things romantic it seems fitting that we apply the love theme to our work. For those of you who have read previous posts from me you would have noticed that I am a bit of a dreamer so I lean towards movies with happy endings, inspirational stories or songs that uplift. If this blog had a theme song it would be “what the world needs now is love” and if it were a movie it would 50 first dates and the book would be Flow. The movie, song and book beside the shared theme of love also have a common thread that involves creating great experiences.

Lesson 1:
In the movie 50 first dates Adam Sandler falls in love with Drew Barrymore. The challenge with this love is that Drew does not remember him past the first date so each new day he has to make her fall for him all over again. It might be that when you first interviewed for the job you are in now you were a stellar example of employee of the month material but over time you allowed negativity, gossip, apathy and a few other things to creep in. Why not decide that for the month of love you to do something that makes you feel like the first day when you started your job. It could be a simple as looking at your job description again and seeing what skills you can still develop to become better at what you do.

Lesson 2:
The book Flow mentioned above talks about that sweet spot where creative genius meets excellence and combines this with effectiveness to create the ultimate experience of being at peak performance. The flow experience differs from person to person depending on time of day, engagement levels, interest in what they are doing as well as personal state of mind. Flow does not happen when you are bored, when you are anxious, when you are disengaged or when you are working against your body’s natural rhythm. What I am going to suggest is a little bit of experimentation in the month of love. Try to change your routine. If your daily structure has been the same for over a year or more pay attention to the times when you feel least energised in the day and try as much as you can to do the activities that engage you at those times. Also sometimes as the old adage goes “change is as good as a holiday”

What I am going to suggest is a little bit of experimentation in the month of love. Try to change your routine.

Lesson 3
As old wisdom teaches us “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Make giving love, appreciation, gratitude, complements a big part of your workday. You will notice that sometimes the simple act of being grateful makes you smile more and generally adds to making you a more a pleasant person to be around. As the song goes what the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there is just too little of… Add love to your job, to your colleagues, to your clients and to people around it and enjoy the boomerang of having it return right back to you.

Here’s to a love-filled February!


About Viva Somhlahlo

I am a senior consultant at DAV - in recruitment for the last 6 years. My greatest source of joy is finding & placing individuals who excel & are passionate about what they do. In the last 3 years my niche has been in the field of strategy, marketing & branding building. When I am not connecting great people to top tier employers you will find me at the Yoga studio practising the art of meditation or reading up on leadership and personal mastery. I get my energy & inspiration from the beautiful people of South Africa & the mindset of possibility we have. Connect with me on LinkedIn & help create the country we all dream of.

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