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Promises, Promises… 6 NEW New Year’s Resolutions


imgresDecember holidays are over, but what a fantastic time it was! I loved it! Family, friends, food and more food, champagne and more champagne and a diamond ring. Yes, yes, yes! I am engaged and oozing with excitement, but this is a topic for another day.

On my trip home to Cape Town, sitting next to my fiance, in a narrow, upright, dull blue aeroplane chair, I decided it was time to take my eyes off my ring and page through the in-flight magazine, the High Life. While carelessly turning the pages I started thinking about the year ahead, 2013, and I began making mental notes of chores and things to do and potential “new year’s resolutions”. This is when I stumbled on a great article, titled Promises, promises – new year’s resolutions are made to be broken, so we’ve turned the most common failures on their heads with a travel-friendly twist.

Now I for one, never make ‘new year’s resolutions’. Quite frankly I can’t bear the phrase and I was toying with the idea of writing about the benefits of not making ‘new year’s resolutions’, but this article is even better and I want to share it with you. They have taken traditional resolutions and tweaked them for the better. Here are a few I loved:

Traditional Resolution: Learn something new

New Resolution: Learn the basics
Forget about a new language or cookery classes. Learn how to survive, from making a fire and finding and filtering water to navigating by the stars, building shelter, predicting wild animal behaviour and finding food. Don’t you think this is a refreshing twist and they even suggest where you can achieve it:
Eco Training runs courses in the Kruger National Park and the Tuli Reserve in Botswana; it also offers game-ranger courses. ecotraining.co.za
The 4×4 Survival courses near Johannesburg, includes all of the above plus ‘bush mechanics and first aid. Africa-bushcraft.co.za

Traditional Resolution: Save money

New Resolution: Bury yourself in sand
It is hard to spend money when you are doing nothing but lying on a beach. SA has 36 Blue Flag strands we can enjoy for free. This I love. Before the winter hits lets enjoy the sand, the sea and the sun for free!

Traditional Resolution: Spend more time with loved ones

New Resolution: Make more memories together
Some of the best memories are made during trips together. The article goes further to suggest trip ideas from Rafting on the Zambezi (safpar.com) to something called All Out Adventures in the Drakensberg (alloutadventures.co.za)
It could be anything though. The idea is that we should go on more trips/holidays with the people we love because this is when we can all relax and make more memories together.

Traditional Resolution: Stop smoking

New Resolution: Bust your lungs into submission
There are other better ways to puff. Brilliant! Here they suggest trading your smokes for a 1,700m slog up the outcrop of granite that is Namibia’s magnificent Spitzkoppe. There are so many ideas for example Venture Forth who offer guided hikes and climbs on the Table Mountain range, in the Drakensberg, Cederberg, Karoo and the winelands plus canyoing trips. ventureforth.co.za

Traditional Resolution: Go to gym

New Resolution: Invent a new sport
In 2011, two brothers from Knysna invented 360 Ball, which involves hitting a rubber ball off a central circular dish… think squash with no walls. You can do this too. An example suggested by this article in the in-flight BA magazine is the idea of River boarding. It’s like body/boogie boarding, not in the sea, but on the white-water rapids of the Zambezi at Victoria Falls. afrizim.com
What a fun idea!

Traditional Resolution: Lose weight

New Resolution: Lose the weight of the world
There is a difference between going on holiday and having a real break. This resolution is great. To escape the noise, seek out the simple stillness of the Buddhist Retreat Centre in KZN or Emoyeni in the Magaliesburg near Jo’burg. emoyeni.org.za OR
Yoga retreats (yogawarrior.co.za) OR
Life coaching and yoga retreats (lifecoachingmauritius.webs.com)

I hope you loved these ideas as much as I did. However, if these suggestions are not for you then I ask that you try and take 1 thing from this post. Make 2013 the year of 20 seconds of courage. Sometimes all we need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise it will all be worth it. Even if it’s just finally telling that person how you feel. Go for it!


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