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5 reasons why recruiting this year puts you ahead in 2013


Great skills are in as strong demand as ever. Recruiting over November and December provides you with a unique opportunity to set your business up for success in 2013 and  DAV can help you achieve this – we are recruiting right up to 21st December and reopen on 2nd January. Check out a selection of top talent we are representing right now.

1. You have less competition in securing top talent at this time of year.

Many companies believe that waiting until bonuses are paid is the right time to approach candidates. Contrary to this popular belief, good candidates are already scouting for new positions and seldom wait for the new year.

Your competitors interview and recruit in January/February – this is when your desired candidate has many opportunities available and you have increased competition which can lead to pressurised decision making. Starting a process now gives you time to breathe and will put your business firmly ahead of the competition.

At the beginning of next year you will probably be very busy with new projects and have more pressure to fill additional positions with the always expected, post-bonus new year resignations.

Interviewing is a very time-consuming business, so rather dedicate the time that you have now to do this task while your competitors are taking downtime.

2. Candidates are more open to new opportunities.

Candidates considering a new position are looking to close off the year knowing they have a fresh start ahead of them. People want to start the new year with a sense of purpose and renewed ambition.

Tap into this frame of mind by attracting the right talent now.

Even when waiting for bonuses, top talent are keen to make decisions about new career opportunities now, so that they know they have secured the next phase in their professional lives for the new year.

Combine this mindset with less competition at this time of year and you really have a better opportunity to get the candidate you want before the year is out.

Candidates considering a new position are looking to close off the year knowing they have a fresh start ahead of them. People want to start the new year with a sense of purpose and renewed ambition.

3. You reduce the biggest threat to getting your chosen candidate.

The main reason why a candidate does not start after accepting an offer is that he/she will get and accept a counter-offer.

Over the years we have seen that counter-offers are at an annual low at the end of the year – and are at their highest level in the first quarter of the year.

The risk of counter-offers is lowered by starting to recruit right now.

4.  It’s the perfect time to optimise your recruitment budget, invest in top talent for your company’s future now.

Do you still have any recruitment spend left?

Is there extra money available from other expenses that you budgeted for but did not have to spend on?

Use these funds now: invest in new people – they will give you your return in 2013 so your new recruitment budget can be spent on other critical roles later during the new year.

5. It’s a great time to onboard new employees

December is a great time to onboard new employees, providing a better opportunity to learn and understand the new company and the business.

This can be a great time to get introduced to clients and client businesses so that new people are ready for the new year.

You can secure your full team and be ready to attack the market in early 2013 while your competitors are still searching for new people!


About Ingrid Kast

Ingrid is an entrepreneur by mission and passion. She founded DAV in 1975 and has been at the helm ever since. From humble beginnings, Ingrid has grown the business to a leading specialist recruitment firm. A leader with an obsession for quality, she places enormous emphasis on creating an environment in which people can achieve more than they ever dreamt of!

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